Bodycad announces Health Canada approval for BC Fine Osteotomy™
Published May 20th, 2020
Health Canada approval for BC Fine Osteotomy™

Bodycad is proud to announce that its product, BC Fine Osteotomy™, the first personalized planning and plating system for osteotomies around the knee, was approved by Health Canada.

BC Fine Osteotomy™ was developed based on published literature specific to the principles of orthopaedic correction and incorporates well accepted principles of success in orthopedic correction including high quality imaging, precise preoperative analysis, patient-specific planning, safe surgical technique, biology of Osteotomy healing and a well-positioned plate.

BC Fine Osteotomy™ is synonymous with our highly accurate Bodycad proprietary software, offering a complete solution adapted to each unique patient. It includes a 3D printed patient-specific surgical guide (approved by the surgeon) and a patient specific plate with a small titanium wedge to confirm the 3D angular correction. The BC Fine Osteotomy™ system includes calibrated drill guides with Drill Stop Technology (DST) to protect posterior neurovascular structures, multi-planar 3D planning to increase accuracy and is delivered as a procedure in a box to drive efficiency in the OR. BC Fine Osteotomy™ is more than a plate, it’s a custom solution adapted to each unique patient.

Our proprietary software is the heart of our process, enabling orthopedic surgeons to achieve a personalized restoration based on the precise anatomical specifications of their patient.

This approval by Health Canada allows surgeons and patients alike to access the endless possibilities that Bodycad’s copyrighted software has to offer.

About Bodycad

Bodycad is a Quebec City-based developer and manufacturer of personalized orthopaedic restorations. They are the only company in the world to have a seamlessly integrated, purpose built, CAD/CAM platform. Its proprietary approach offers patients a high level of conformity to their unique anatomy, with the potential for greater comfort, fit and durability that make the pursuit of orthopaedic perfection possible. Learn more at


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