First BC Fine Osteotomy™ Case in Canada
Published August 26, 2020
First case of BC Fine Osteotomy™ in Canada

This lateral open wedge distal femoral osteotomy, which is an effective surgery for the treatment of a knee malalignment, was performed on August 21st. The surgery was a success and everything went according to plan. The scrub nurses were pleased with the layout of the toolbox and impressed with its simplicity and effectiveness. As for Dr. Forsythe, she said that the operation went smoothly and was delighted by the accuracy of the technique.

Our attending engineer was glad to hear her say ‘’you got it right” after she checked the scan to make sure everything was in place.

We are proud to have accomplished this milestone with Dr. Caroline Forsythe, who gladly accepted this commemorative plate we made for the occasion.

BC Fine Osteotomy™ is synonymous with our highly accurate Bodycad proprietary software, offering a complete solution adapted to each unique patient. It includes a 3D printed patient-specific surgical guide and a patient-specific plate with a small titanium wedge to confirm the 3D angular correction. The BC Fine Osteotomy™ system includes calibrated drill guides with drill stop technology to protect posterior neurovascular structures, multi-planar 3D planning to increase accuracy and is delivered as a Procedure in a box™ to drive efficiency in the OR. BC Fine Osteotomy™ is more than a plate, it’s a personalized solution adapted to each individual patient.

About Bodycad

Bodycad is a Canadian company that is revolutionizing the world of orthopaedics with its proprietary software and orthopaedic solutions designed for each person’s unique needs. Our innovative team designs and manufactures the most reliable personalized implants on the market today. Thanks to 3D printing, we are able to create bone models to guide the surgeon, coupled with instrumentation to offer the highest precision during surgery. We offer endless possibilities to surgeons.

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