Bodycad Announces First Use of BC Reflex Uni™
Published June 11th, 2020
First Use of his new BC Reflex Uni™

Bodycad has announced that the first personalized restoration procedure with its next generation Unicompartmental Knee System, BC Reflex Uni™, has been successfully performed.

Bodycad has developed an innovative digital planning and production system to optimize the personalized restoration of a patient’s anatomy and kinematics. The system is based on proprietary 3D rendering of medical images of the patient’s anatomy with a proprietary production system, resulting in a better fit and the potential for improved clinical results and patient satisfaction.

“This next generation unicondylar implant system allowed me to precisely plan and perform a personalized procedure that resulted in a great fit for the patient,” said Dr. Stefan Kreuzer, Founder of INOV8 Orthopedics in Houston, Texas.

Bodycad uses proprietary imaging algorithms to produce precise 3D images of patient anatomy. They have developed a suite of Personalized Restoration Software to enable seamless integration of the image to implant production process. Unlike other personalized solutions, Bodycad has developed proprietary software to serve as the digital backbone to highly automate all of the processes including 3D printing.

“We believe that personalization is the future because you no longer have to compromise with the fit of an off-the-shelf solution for patients,” says Jean Robichaud, President and Founder of Bodycad. “Our recent experience with BC Reflex Uni™ as well as our other products demonstrates the benefit of personalized restorations.”

The company received 510k clearance for BC Reflex Uni™ at the end of 2019. In addition, Bodycad recently received US and Canadian clearance for osteotomy solutions around the knee with BC Fine Osteotomy™.

About Bodycad

Bodycad is a Quebec City-based developer and manufacturer of personalized orthopaedic restorations. They are the only company in the world to have a seamlessly integrated, purpose built, CAD/CAM platform. Its proprietary approach offers patients a high level of conformity to their unique anatomy, with the potential for greater comfort, fit and durability that make the pursuit of orthopaedic perfection possible. Learn more at


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