BC Fine Osteotomy™ Product
Welcome to the new world of Fine Osteotomy™
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Fine Osteotomy™ Offers You:

  • 3D analysis of the patient’s pre-op situation
  • Patient-specific instrument and plate design
  • 3D printed bone models
  • Personalized surgical guides
  • Personalized plate solutions
  • Matching screws (length and orientation) for the personalized plates
  • Potentially significant reduction of the use of radiation in the OR
  • Personalized design leading to better outcomes/accuracy

Unique combination of 3D planning

The unique combination of 3D planning and the guided control of osteotomy planes are designed to ensure that the planned hinge axis and planned posterior slope are obtained, resulting in a more predictable outcome.

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Controlling depth and orientation
Increases safety

Helps ensure protection of the posterior neurovascular structures of the knee

Maintains a controlled, reproducible osteotomy

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Personalized plating ensures that the planned correction is not compromised:
Plate contours to patient’s bone anatomy

No plate bending

Patient-specific titanium wedge, as planned for optimal correction

Titanium wedge sits on cortical bone

Low-profile custom-fit design reduces potential soft tissue irritation

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An Example of a Fine Osteotomy™ Case
1. Visualization of the patient’s pre-op deformity.

Mechanical axis passing through the Mikulicz point of 28%.

2. Planning of the desired multiplanar angular correction.

Open-wedge of 9.25 mm planned to obtain a mechanical axis passing through a Mikulicz point of 55%.

3. Design of the patient-specific cutting guides.
4. Design of the patient-specific plate along with the position and length of the screws.