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At Bodycad, we believe in thinking differently and challenging the status quo in everything we do. We do so by providing unique patient-specific solutions that optimize care thanks to our company’s proprietary Personalized Restoration™ Software.

Bodycad is revolutionizing the world of orthopaedics with its proprietary software and cutting-edge orthopaedic solutions designed for each person’s unique needs. Our innovative, world-class team designs and manufactures the most reliable personalized implants and instruments on the market. Thanks to 3D printing, we are able to create bone models to guide the surgeon and patient-specific instrumentation to offer the highest level of precision during surgery. We offer endless possibilities to surgeons in order to provide patients with the best possible care.

Relieve your knee pain before you need to replace it!

The word “osteotomy” quite literally means “cutting of the bone”.

During a knee osteotomy, either the tibia or femur is cut, and then reshaped to relieve pressure on the knee joint.

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Because you are unique, so is your implant. If you would like additional information on your personalized implant, contact us at info@bodycad.com or use the link below.

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