The Pursuit of Orthopaedic Perfection

Bodycad is transforming the standard of orthopaedic care. Its Personalized Restorations™ offer a previously unavailable conformity to the patient's anatomy providing comfort, fit and durability that make the pursuit of orthopaedic perfection possible.

Bodycad offers two distinct product lines, in addition to a proprietary software suite.

Bodycad Unicompartmental Knee

The First Truly Patient-Specific Restoration

Bodycad's revolutionary Unicompartmental Knee System is designed to optimize personalized restorations of the patient's unique anatomical features and kinematics. Each knee is created based on a proprietary 3D rendering of medical images of the patient's anatomy.

The Bodycad Unicompartmental Knee:

  • Helps preserve bone and soft tissue
  • Includes instrumentation that is patient specific, intuitive and accurate
  • Provides an unconstrained design for a full range of motion
  • Fits the patient's anatomy and kinematics
  • Has the potential for improved clinical results and patient satisfaction
  • Provides potentially greater efficiency and quality improvements to all stakeholders with Procedure in a Box™
  • Offers a unique and accurate resection solution which reduces issues related to saw blades

It starts with Imaging

Bodycad's proprietary imaging algorithms allow us to rapidly and automatically produce a 3D anatomic model using CT, MRI and long-standing AP radiograph data.

Better Precision and Accuracy

The Bodycad Unicompartmental Knee is designed with precision in mind. Evaluation of the precision and accuracy of implanting the tibial and femoral components in cadaver knees showed it to be the most precise of any current or traditional method, including conventional, robotic and navigated methods.1

Clinical Outcomes for Personalized Arthroplasty

A personalized restoration has the potential for improved clinical results versus off-the-shelf products. A recent multi-center study of 120 custom UKA knees found improved range of motion, higher functional outcomes sores, lower pain scores and 99% patient satisfaction.2

Potential Quality and Economic Improvements for Personalized Arthroplasty

Emerging clinical evidence shows that reduced blood loss and swelling, decreased length of stay, and discharge optimization may lead to a better economic case for patient-specific solutions.

Anatomical Fit and Bone Preservation

The titanium tibial baseplate of the bodycad Unicompartmental Knee fits and covers the bone resection. It has recently been documented that a custom UKA provides significantly greater cortical rim surface area coverage compared to off-the-shelf implants: 77% versus 43% medially and 60% versus 37% laterally.3 This increased coverage of resected bone may lead to decreased blood loss.

Natural Kinematics

Bodycad's solution is to re-establish the normal kinematics of the patient's articulation by using a proprietary algorithm to best match the patient's movement and anatomy. A Bodycad PREP Tech uses this information to develop an articulation specific to each patient.

Procedure in a Box™: Efficient Surgical Work Flow and Lower Asset Intensity

A personalized arthroplasty greatly reduces inventory of instruments, eliminates implant inventory, and reduces costs of reprocessing instruments and unused implants because the delivery comes in a self-contained Procedure in a Box.

Bodycad OnCall™

Oncology, revision, osteotomy and other complex cases provide special challenges to the orthopaedic surgeon. Anatomy can be affected in an endless number of ways, making standard, off-the-shelf implants poorly suited for complex cases.

Now, Bodycad OnCall™ is making personalized, individually manufactured orthopaedic restorations a reality.

Bodycad OnCall gives surgeons unprecedented flexibility in design and manufacturing of a fully personalized restoration.1

Bodycad OnCall supports:

Multi-Color Anatomical Modeling
Personalized Guided Resections

Every Bodycad OnCall personalized orthopaedic restoration matches the anatomical needs of the patient to reestablish durable form and function.

Get Started

A Bodycad PREP Tech™ is standing ready to guide orthopaedic surgeons through the Personalized Restoration Evaluation Process™. Please call a PREP Tech at +1 (418) 527-1388 or email at to set up a Bodycad OnCall™ consultation.

This product is not cleared by the FDA for distribution in the United States

Bodycad Personalized Restoration Software

Bodycad's Personalized Restoration Software is the world's first suite of orthopaedic CAD/CAM software. It is at the heart of the Bodycad Personalized Restoration Evaluation Process (PREP) and sets Bodycad apart from standard implants. It drives the efficiency needed to make personalized restorations at an industry leading level of precision.

Bodycad's software platform is adaptable across all orthopaedic sectors. Its core code drives the efficiency and the breadth of applications.

Five Platforms

Personalized Bodycad Restoration Software takes patient images as input and efficiently turns them into a personal restoration using five distinct software platforms:

Bodycad PREPLink

Bodycad Imager

The patented software uses surgeon-provided imaging to produce a 3D model of a patient's unique anatomy. This image segmentation software is automated, efficient and highly accurate.

Bodycad Planner

This comprehensive tool brings unprecedented precision to surgical analysis and planning. The Planner is based on evidence-based anthropometric data and applicable clinical landmarks/references.

Bodycad Designer

This proprietary CAD software component provides a fast, robust, customizable, and scalable tool for manipulating 3D surfaces. It has been optimized to rapidly produce an accurate personalized design for every patient.

Bodycad Maker

This powerful workflow software improves the target shape of the final product and defines tool paths for more efficient CAM operation. This automated software is designed to reduce process time and optimize cutting.

It's a unique suite of software that powers the ability to provide customized restorations to the masses. There's simply nothing else quite like it.


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2. "ConForMIS iTotal CR Outperformed Off the Shelf Implants." Press Release (October 20th, 2016).

3. Carpenter, Dylan P., et al. "Tibial Plateau Coverage in UKA: A Comparison of Patient Specific and Off-The-Shelf Implants." The Journal of Arthoplasty 29, 9 (September 2014): 1694-1698.