BC Fine Osteotomy™
The Plan

Through our PREPLINK™ portal, our PREP Tech™ prepares a plan for you that incorporates your clinical input to optimize the outcome for your patient. Do your planning in 3D to thoroughly understand multiple scenarios before you get to the OR.

Pre-operative deformity visualization

The PREP Tech™ creates a 3D model of the patients pre-operative deformity.

Planning of the case

The PREP Tech™ creates a planned correction based upon your clinical input and accepted clinical parameters to produce a plan to be reviewed and approved by you.

Procedure in a box ®

Bodycad delivers one of the most efficient solutions available. All implants and disposable instruments are delivered in a single box. All reusable instruments are delivered in a small reusable tray. The implant and disposable instruments are delivered in an easy to use box. Staff is more efficient due to a pre-planned case delivered efficiently.

One small, easy to understand reusable instrument tray
No Plate Bending

With Fine Osteotomy™ the patient will have a completely personalized plate that conforms to the patient’s anatomy. Don’t spend precious OR time trying to get the proper fit, plan a perfect fit with Bodycad technology.