BC Fine Osteotomy™
The Plan

Through our PrepLink™ portal, our PREP Tech™ works with you to prepare a plan that incorporates your clinical input to optimize the outcome for your patient.

Pre-operative deformity visualization

The PREP Tech creates a 3D model of the patients pre-operative deformity.

Planning of the multi-planar osteotomy

The PREP Tech creates a planned correction based upon your clinical input and accepted clinical parameters to produce a plan to be reviewed and approved by you.

The guide

Patient specific guides let you accurately execute your plan, utilizing controlled depth stops with a unique drill stop technology that is controlled, reproducible and more biologically friendly.

The Personalized Plate

With BC Fine Osteotomy™ the patient will have a completely personalized plate that conforms to the patient’s anatomy – no bending.
Patient-specific plates incorporate a unique titanium spacer that validates the 3D planned osteotomy opening to confirm proper execution of your plan

Wedge is planned for optimal correction

  • Size
  • Angulation
  • Position
  • Sits only on the cortical bone
A personalized plate ensures that the planned correction is not compromised
  • Plate contours to patient’s bone anatomy
  • Plate shape is customizable during the planning process