Software Developer
Published 2023-10-03

Do you find it easy to maintain a balance between the IT requirements of an application and the needs of end users? Are you the type of person that cannot help but find new ways to make applications efficient and intuitive? Keep reading! We have a new opening for a senior software developer in our team that should interest you!

What awaits you at Bodycad?

At Bodycad, you will discover :

  • A company that is revolutionizing the international orthopaedics market with its 100% personalized surgical implants;
  • An innovative team culture that encourages employees to question established paradigms and leave no stone unturned when looking for answers;
  • A group of sharp-minded and passionate individuals that believe important goals are accomplished as a team, not individually.
Why do we need software developers in a company such as ours?

The personalized approach that we offer is made possible thanks to the specialized design software and unique web applications we develop in-house. More precisely our design software is comprised of robust and efficient applications that enable our design teams, in a record time, to:

  • Design implants and surgical tools that are entirely personalized to each patient’s anatomy;
  • Carry out real-time simulations for various treatment alternatives;
  • Evaluate potential postoperative impacts for the patient according to the treatment plan selected by the surgeon.

They are critical applications that are specifically designed to help surgeons select the most precise, efficient and secure surgical solutions for their patients.

What would be your role as a software developer?

Your main responsibilities would be to:

  • Actively participate in all phases of development of the new features and software (technical specifications, design, modeling, development);
  • Partake in the development of the programming rules and standards to ensure the software’s integrity;
  • Suggest innovative solutions and improvement opportunities to increase the system’s operational efficiency ;
  • Participate in code reviews and support the other team members with their programming tasks;
  • Define and carry out test protocols;
  • Document the code and users guides related to the new applications and features.
Intrigued? This is what we are looking for in our new colleague:
  • 3-4 years of experience in software development;

But, more importantly, we are looking for someone:

  • Innovative and creative: Who will be able to develop efficient, robust and scalable applications (C++, QML, Qt, JavaScript, OpenGL, OpenCL);
  • Curious : Who wants to get to the bottom of things in order to find unique and functional solutions to complex development problems;
  • Collaborative: Who enjoys working as a team and has the listening skills required to properly understand the end users’ needs;
  • Pragmatic: Who will be able to maintain a balance between the tasks that need to be completed in the short-term and the company’s long-term vision.
Do you recognize yourself?

If we have piqued your curiosity with our description and you would like to receive more information, do not hesitate and send us your application!