How to Submit your Case

To create 3D models, we need DICOM – CT. Also, any X-ray you already have could be helpful especially for lower lib deformity. A full-length image of the leg will allow us to give you data on the mechanical and anatomic axis. For proper imaging please refer to the imaging guide for more information.

1. Create a PREPLINK™ Account


Bodycad’s team will have to activate your account upon
request. Please contact us at

2. Create a Prescription

Select your Bodycad product and click to access the prescription template.

3. Upload Images

Once your prescription is filled and completed, click on the imager link to upload the images. Bodycad ensures the anonymization of files through encryption.

4. Follow your Cases

Use the Dashboard to follow the evolution of your cases step by step and review the design iterations with your PREP Tech™.


Bodycad Imager is a secure website which was created by Bodycad with the sole purpose of receiving medical images over the internet. It is located within Bodycad’ secure facility in Canada.

Bodycad Imager relies on bank-level encryption to protect medical images from being intercepted by third parties during transfer. Once transferred to Bodycad Imager, the medical images cannot be viewed and/or retrieved by surgeons or third parties as it does not possess a download feature.