BC OnCall™ Process
Unique patients, Unique Challenges

Tumour resections, revisions and complex cases can encompass unique challenges for orthopaedic surgeons. These challenges, combined with the great anatomical variation of each patient, are proving that off-the-shelf implants and instrumentation are fairly limited for complex cases. With 3D modelling now revolutionizing surgical planning, 3D technologies have become an obvious choice for visualizing and planning cases before even stepping foot into the operating room.

With their mission of boosting accuracy, safety and efficiency in the operating room, Bodycad’s BC OnCall Consulting Services give you access to the latest innovations in software technology.


By providing surgeons with pre-op planning, bone models and personalized instrumentation, Bodycad aims to help surgeons solve the most complex oncology and deformity cases.

OnCall™ provides surgeons unprecedented support to help them address the most challenging cases with personalized solutions.
Main advantages
  • Personalized surgical planning
  • Personalized instruments
  • Design flexibility for cutting guides
  • 3D modelling of the bone, including the visible and hidden parts of the tumour
  • Potentially significantly reduced use of radiation in the operating room

With its proprietary software, Bodycad offers orthopaedic surgeons an innovative method to simulate optimal tumour resection solutions. With the help of 3D planning, surgeons can now find the perfect compromise between security margins and healthy bone preservation.

Once the solution is selected, Bodycad will provide you with:

  • Bone models to improve the surgeon’s comprehension of the patient’s situation
  • Patient-specific cutting guides to help during the procedure
  • If required, cutting guides for the allograft to create the ideal void filler following the tumour resection
Deformity Correction

Using a novel approach based on published literature specific to the principles of orthopaedic correction, surgeons will be able to achieve a personalized restoration with the precise anatomical specifications of each patient.

In collaboration with Bodycad’s clinical engineers, surgeons will be able to leverage their creativity, all while having access to a library containing a multitude of approaches and 3D correction angles. In addition, they will be able to easily view and plan using preoperative and postoperative measures for each simulation.

Once the desired correction is selected, Bodycad will provide surgeons with:

  • Preoperative and postoperative bone models to increase the surgeons’s comprehension of the patient’s situation
  • Patient-specific cutting guides to help during the procedure

Every Bodycad OnCall™ personalized orthopaedic restoration matches the anatomical needs of the patient to re-establish durable form and function.