3D Designer
Published March 17, 2023

Are you looking for an innovative and original work environment in which you’ll be able to put your 3D skills to good use? Keep reading and discover the challenges that await you at Bodycad!

First off, what can you expect at Bodycad?

At Bodycad, you will discover :

  • A company aimed at revolutionizing the international orthopaedics market;
  • A team of sharp-minded, curious and passionate individuals that believe that important goals are achieved as a team, not individually;
  • Workdays full of interesting challenges and diversified responsibilities;
  • Colleagues and projects that will help you develop your career all while working in a dynamic environment.
As a 3D designer, what would be your role?

With your skills in 3D, you will play a key role in designing custom orthopaedic prostheses for various clients according to their specific anatomy. As such, your job will enable you to combine the latest 3D CAD technology with the satisfaction of knowing that your work will have a direct impact on a patient’s quality of life.  More precisely, our 3D designers:

  • Use the company’s proprietary CAD software to design medical devices (prostheses, surgical tools, etc.) according to the surgeon’s specifications;
  • Ascertain various technical considerations with the mechanical engineering team to confirm that the proposed design doesn’t have production restraints;
  • Verify that the client has approved the design before releasing it for production;
  • Ensure the designed devices go through all the appropriate production steps within the established time frame;
  • Participate in the quality control process to ensure that the designed medical devices are compliant with the client’s requirements.
Are you wondering what it takes to be one of our 3D designers? Here are a few hints :
  • A college degree in mechanical engineering, 3D animation or in any other pertinent field;
  • Experience in 3D design;

But more importantly, you need to be someone that:

  • Thrives on taking on new challenges, has a great sense of initiative and wants to work in an environment that promotes innovation;
  • Bursts with curiosity at the idea of discovering a new and unique field that is in constant evolution;
  • Easily solves daily problems and discerns the global implications of a situation thanks to their analytical capabilities.
  • Is intrinsically rigorous and who will never lose sight of the fact that each implant they design will go into a patient’s body.
The ball is now in your court!

Were you intrigued by what you read? Do you feel up to the challenge? If so, don’t hesitate and contact us today!