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Personalized RestorationTM Software

Bodycad’s Personalized RestorationTM Software is the heart of Bodycad PREP. This proprietary software system takes patient images as input and efficiently turns them into a personal restoration using 4 distinct components :

Bodycad Imager – The patented software uses surgeon-provided CT and MRI imaging to produce a 3D model of a patient’s unique anatomy. This image segmentation software is automated, efficient and highly accurate.

Bodycad Planner – This tool brings unprecedented precision to surgical analysis and planning. The Planner is based on evidence-based anthropometric data and applicable clinical landmarks/references.

Bodycad Designer – This CAD software component provides a fast, robust, customizable, and scalable tool for manipulating 3D volumes. It has been optimized to rapidly produce an accurate personalized design for every patient.

Bodycad Maker – The workflow software improves the target shape of the final product and defines optimal tool paths for more efficient CAM operation. This automated software is designed to reduce process time and optimize cutting tool utility.

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