Why Bodycad ?

In the pursuit of orthopaedic perfection, a personalized restoration is optimal

The challenge to date has been how to provide a patient-specific solution on a large scale. With its proprietary software, state-of-the-art manufacturing and process expertise, Bodycad is making mass orthopaedic customization possible for the first time. In doing so, it is bringing the industry to new levels of efficiency, cost effectiveness and personalization.


Proprietary software platforms enable one-hour processing from image to implant, including image acquisition, planning and proposed design.

Cost Effective

Bodycad is vertically integrated to control costs and process time, allowing us to deliver solutions in 21 days from the time of surgeon approval at a price comparable to off-the-shelf products.


Surgeons can optimize implant design based on their patient's unique anatomical needs and their preference for their patient.