BC Reflex Uni™ Product
Implants specially tailored for your patients
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The pursuit of orthopaedic perfection

Bodycad Reflex Uni™ is a patient specific unicompartmental knee with a design tailored for every individual patient with respect to their anatomy and biomechanics. The pursuit of perfection with Bodycad means less pain and earlier mobilization—the outcomes you want

BC Reflex Uni offers a most precise fit
Off the shelf solutions force compromise

Personalized solutions can obtain a more exact fit for your patient

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The Bodycad Reflex Uni™ knee system is optimal because:
Implant system pre-sterilized and delivered as a Knee in a box™

A single, small instrument tray

No off the shelf inventory

Greater staff efficiency in the OR

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Personalized Design
Designer Reflex proprietary software is the heart of our process
Designed by you, for your patients

Bodycad incorporates your clinical preferences into the personalized design. Each implant, including the tibiofemoral articulation is optimized for the patient.

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3d printed
Proven Implant Design
Femoral Component

Standard chamfer cuts and 2 peg cemented fixation.

Tibial Component

Standard peg and keel cemented fixation on the tibia. Unique, easy to use locking mechanism.

3d printed technology
3D Printed Technology with Flexible Instruments

All disposable guides are designed with options to appropriately manage flexion extension gaps.

Optimized planning and placement to maximize outcomes through flexibility.

Case management through a Proprietary Web Based Portal

Internet based surgeon portal to review the design of the implant and instruments.

The PREP Tech™ partners with the surgeon to incorporate surgeon design preferences with patient anatomy.

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