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UX Developer - User Experience

When navigating through a computer application, are you the type of person that can’t help yourself from thinking: "It seems to me that if the application was organized this way instead, it would make everything more intuitive and efficient."? Are you someone for whom it is easy to maintain a balance between the IT requirements of an application and the needs of the end users? Keep reading! You are the type of person we are looking for and we have a unique opportunity that we believe will definitely pique your curiosity!

What awaits you at Bodycad?

At Bodycad, you will discover :

  • A fast-growing company that is revolutionizing the international orthopedics market thanks to our 100% personalized prostheses and surgical products.
  • A team of bright and passionate individuals that are fully aware that important goals are reached as a team and not individually;
  • A software team made up of curious minds that come from a wide variety of backgrounds: software engineering, physics, medical imagery, mathematics, etc.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that the work you do will have a direct impact on the quality of life of the patients that choose our products.

Why do we need a UX developer in a team such as ours?

The personalized approach we propose is made possible thanks to the specialized software we develop. Our software combines a variety of the latest technologies (3D modeling, CAD/CAM, automated segmentation algorithms, NURBS, etc.)  in an entirely unique way in order to design and manufacture custom products in a record time for our clients. Our UX developer will be our secret weapon in converting our sophisticated software into functional, efficient and ergonomic applications that anyone will be able to use.

What would be your role within the team?

You will be responsible for :

  • Gathering and analyzing the needs and behavior patterns of the end users;
  • Designing the related functional models;
  • Participating in the development of the software in an agile environment;
  • Coordinating the usability testing to ensure the application meets the software team’s requirements as well as the needs of the end users;
  • Collaborating with our graphic designer in order to propose eye-catching visuals that are inspired by the look of our existing software;
  • Planning, organizing and prioritizing your workload in order to meet your deadlines.

Intrigued? This is what we are looking for in our new colleague :

  • College degree in computer sciences (AEC or DEC);
  • 2 to 3 years of experience in a similar position;
  • Excellent command of Javascript;
  • Experience with QML and C++.

But first and foremost, we are looking for a person with:

  • Finely honed listening skills that will fully understand the end users’ needs and that will be able to properly accompany them throughout the entire development process;
  • A sharp strategic sense that will make decisions and take the necessary actions to deliver functional, efficient and user-friendly applications;
  • An unparalleled design sense that will easily design an architecture that will fit with the behavior patterns of the end users;
  • A creative mind that will work towards integrating the latest designs into the software development;
  • A solid team spirit that will enjoy exchanging with colleagues from various departments and that easily adapts to change.

Do you recognize yourself?

If you’re curious and you would like to find out more about Bodycad and this position, do not hesitate – send us your CV!




Recognize yourself?