Validation Specialist

Are you interested in the biomedical field? Do you want to work in an environment in which innovation will be at the heart of all the action, and where you will have the opportunity to participate in the development of the next generation in personalized orthopaedic medical devices? If so, the timing is perfect! We are currently looking for a validation specialist that will be responsible of ensuring that the products our company develops are compliant with the established standards.


You do not know Bodycad yet ? Let’s get acquainted !


Bodycad is first and foremost a team of sharp-minded, curious and passionate people. What is the passion that unites us? The idea of revolutionizing the international orthopaedics market by offering prostheses/products that are 100% personalized to the patients’ needs. How do we do it? By combining the latest technology with completely innovative approaches derived from a multitude of specialities, namely mechanical/biomechanical engineering, computer-assisted manufacturing, 3D printing and software development.


What does a validation specialist do at Bodycad?


Picture the validation specialists as the guardians of the products. They play a crucial role in ensuring that the new product developments and/or improvements are compliant with regulatory standards and, as such, that the products remain safe for the patients. The validation specialists may therefore be called upon to test various elements linked to a product’s design, such as the materials, the shapes, the packaging, etc. More precisely, a validation specialist:

  • Actively participates in the development of the validation strategies;
  • Designs and implements test and validation protocols for new product developments;
  • Ensures that the test protocols and reports are compliant with regulatory standards (FDA, Health Canada, CE);
  • Collects and analyzes the validation tests results;
  • Drafts validation reports and technical texts for the regulatory affairs submissions;
  • Analyzes design concerns and suggests preventive or corrective measures;
  • Completes regular technological watches to target pertinent technological changes, trends and standards that might impact the company’s product lines.


What do you need to become a validation specialist at Bodycad ?

  • University degree in mechanical, biomechanical engineering or in any other pertinent field;
  • 5-6 years of experience in a role pertinent to the current position;

But, more importantly, we are looking for someone:

  • Motivated by the idea of creating unprecedented and unique products;
  • Determined to face the hurdles associated with the validation of new product lines;
  • Whose curiosity will push them to question the established paradigms and leave no stone unturned in order to find answers;
  • Whose versatile personality will mean that they will happily alternate between planning test protocols, drafting reports and implementing the validation tests;
  • That is bilingual and that can communicate as clearly in English as in French.


And now, the ball is in your court!

Are you intrigued by what you have just read? Would like to find out more on this position or our company? Don’t hesitate! Send us your CV today!