Project Director

We have a great opportunity for a new Project Director within Bodycad’s R&D department. The person we are looking for will be a motor behind the development of innovative new product lines that will revolutionize the current orthopaedics market. More precisely, the Project Director will act as a pillar within the company by coordinating complex and multidisciplinary R&D projects from their initiation to their market entry.


Who are we looking for?


An innovative and creative thinker: A person that will thrive on analyzing all the challenges linked to a situation and that will come up with innovative and efficient solutions.


A charismatic orchestrator: A person that will be able to plan and coordinate all the steps linked to a product development, all while focusing stakeholders around a common vision, approach and goal.


A passionate achiever: Driven by the desire to make Bodycad the international leader in personalized orthopaedics, a person that will stay dedicated to achieving the set goals in spite of the hurdles that are sometimes linked to a new product development.


An efficient communicator: A person that will not only be attentive to the needs of the various stakeholders, but that will also clearly communicate the information required to make the best development and business decisions.


What will be our Project Director’s main responsibilities?


Our Project Director will namely be responsible for:

  • Planning the various stages of the product development process (product design, prototyping, production launch, optimisation) and determining which resources will be required to successfully complete the project;
  • Clearly communicating to the team the project plan as well as the expectations of the different stakeholders;
  • Identifying, analyzing and monitoring the risks associated with the project;
  • Developing and maintaining effective communication channels between departments throughout the entire project in order to develop products that meet the market’s needs and requirements: R&D, regulatory affairs, production, marketing, quality assurance, etc.
  • Developing and monitoring key performance indicators to measure the project’s progression;
  • Analysing the processes in place and suggesting improvements that will optimize the product development;
  • Supporting the department directors with the coaching and mentoring of their teams: promoting best practices, team building, acting as a technical reference, draft and report reviewing, etc.


Do you see yourself in this position?


Do you have at least 5 years of experience managing complex and technical projects? Are you ready to put your skills to use in an innovative and fast-paced environment? Don’t hesitate and send us your CV!


Or, on the other hand, are you intrigued by the position, but you’re not quite sure that you have the exact profile? No problem! Send us your CV anyway and tell us a little about yourself: the management challenges you’ve had to overcome so far, your aspirations for the future, what kind of person you are, etc. You may very well be the special person we are looking for!