As an important pillar within the company, the CFO we are looking for will actively be involved in the company’s strategic management. He will be called upon to prepare strategic business plans as well as investment proposals aimed at developing partnerships with new collaborators. Responsible of the finance team and operations, he will ensure that top management, shareholders and investors receive reliable, precise and pertinent financial information that will help them make well-informed decisions.

What will be our CFO’s main responsibilities?


The CFO will be an indispensable collaborator for other top-management executives. More precisely, he will:

  • Prepare financial strategies and update the 3-5 year strategic plans according to the company’s evolution;
  • Prepare various financial/development reports: business plans, commercialisation plans and market study analyses;
  • Represent the company during important external meetings with investors, bankers, potential partners, suppliers and the government in order to encourage a lasting positive commitment with stakeholders;
  • Support the sales team with their activities and the development of pricing strategies for each territory;
  • Review and improve financial and accounting processes and procedures in order to increase department efficiency;
  • Supervise the finance team, the budget preparation, the budget variances as well the establishment of production costs;
  • Review the company’s legal documents from a financial perspective.


What kind of CFO are we looking for?

  • University degree in accounting or finance;
  • A certified title (CPA or CFA);
  • 5-10 years of experience in a position with similar responsibilities;
  • Bilingual (English/French);
  • International business management experience;
  • Strong strategic vision with sharp analysis and synthesis skills;
  • Recognized communication and negotiation abilities;
  • Strong sense of leadership and solid abilities building interpersonal relations;
  • Organizational skills that enable him/her to manage several projects simultaneously;
  • Ability to adapt to any situation and to solve complex problems;
  • Prior knowledge of the manufacturing, technological and/or medical field.


Interested by the challenge?

If you recognize yourself in the position we have just described, don’t hesitate to send us your resume. All applications will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.