The Company

Bodycad enables orthopaedic surgeons to create a Personalized Restoration™ based on the anatomical specifications of their patient using the company's proprietary Personalized Restoration™ software. Surgeons can quickly and efficiently step through the Bodycad Personalized Restoration Evaluation Process (PREP)™ to scan their patients and create a specific design plan, approve the design, and perform the restoration. The company is committed to providing high-touch education, training and service, including access to Bodycad PREP Techs to help assure surgical success. Bodycad is transforming the current standard of orthopaedic implants to help surgeons and patients achieve their mutual goal of a perfect Personalized Restoration™.


We are an orthopaedic company specializing in the design and manufacture of revolutionary and personalized products. Using our proprietary software and the most cutting-edge production technologies, we uphold the highest standards of quality and precision to help healthcare professionals and patients pursue their common goal of quality and of well-being.

Core Values


Act with rigor and loyalty and in the best interests of our colleagues, clients, partners and patients.


Be a successful company all while being concerned the management of costs. Surpassing oneself in order to respond proactively.


Be daring, flexible and adapt to a changing environment in order to respond creatively to market needs.


Build meaningful and respectful relationships between us, our customers and our partners. Have strong communication in order to maintain a successful position.