BC Reflex Uni™
Personalized Design

When you personalize orthopaedics to each patient’s unique needs, the result is game-changing. Bodycad offers the potential for fit and functionality that are simply unattainable through traditional implants. Imagine a world where a surgeon can restore a patient’s function, lifestyle and autonomy without the compromise of off the shelf systems.

Bodycad uses the newest technologies, like 3D printing to manufacture products specially designed for your patient
The Pursuit of Orthopaedic Perfection – Don’t Compromise!

Bodycad Reflex Uni is a patient-specific unicompartmental knee with a design tailored for every individual patient with respect to their anatomy and biomechanics. The pursuit of perfection with Bodycad means less pain and earlier mobilization—the outcomes you want.

One Size Can Never Fit All

As surgeons well know, every patient’s anatomy is unique and can vary significantly from one patient to another. Off-the-shelf implants simply do not address these differences, and instead are built on averages and compromises.

Getting patients back on their feet faster

It is common knowledge that post-operative care can add significant dollars to the all inclusive procedure costs. One study analyzed the average cost across different discharge scenarios and found that the cost of care in a rehab facility averaged over $16,0001.

Bodycad BC Reflex Uni is designed to precisely fit the implants to the bone and provide optimal articulation to better restore the natural movement of the knee without the compromise associated with off-the-shelf implants. Early results of personalized restorations show the potential for good implant durability, quicker recovery and rehabilitation, as well as fewer complications2.

Recent studies have demonstrated reduced blood loss and swelling, decreased length of stay, and discharge optimization for patient specific solutions. These quality improvements should translate to considerable upgrades in episode of care efficiencies and cost effectiveness3.

Proprietary software for planning and design

Studies shows that 20%4 of patients receiving a TKA are not satisfied after their surgery. We believe that having a better understanding of the initial patient situation combined with a personalized plan could improve patient satisfaction.

Bodycad has developed proprietary software for the planning and design of a personalized unicompartmental knee, enabling orthopedic surgeons to achieve a personalized prosthesis based on the precise anatomical specifications of their patient.


During the planning phase, the PREPLINK™ software allows you to well define the patient’s pre-operative situation by visualizing models of the patients bone in 3D. Using precise landmarks, it is possible to obtain anatomical and mechanical measurements on which a patient specific implant can be based.


In collaboration with the Bodycad PREP Tech™, the software puts you in complete control of creation of the personalized plan and prosthesis for your patient. You can choose every detail of implant design and positioning as well as the shape and footprint of the patient specific disposable instrumentation.

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