BC Reflex Uni™

Bodycad has developed proprietary software for highly accurate image processing and surgical planning. We use the latest technology, starting with a 3D plan specific to the patient. Also included is a 3D printed patient-specific surgical guide and implant system that is perfectly adapted to each patient.

The unique combination of personalized planning, guides and personalized implants are designed to produce a more predictable outcome that does the compromise of off the shelf solutions to obtain fit and proper placement.

The Plan

Through our PREPLINK™ portal, our PREP Tech™ works with you to prepare a plan that incorporates your clinical input to optimize the outcome for your patient.

The Guide

Patient specific guides let you accurately execute your plan, utilizing controlled depth stops with a unique drill stop technology that is controlled, reproducible and more biologically friendly.

Accurate Resections

With BC Reflex Uni™, the surgeon has an unprecedented ability to execute the plan with highly accurate guides and cutting techniques including a novel reaming method for the distal femur.

The Personalized Implant System

With BC Reflex Uni™, the patient will have a completely personalized implant system that conforms to their anatomy – no compromise.