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At Bodycad, we always bear in mind that our unique restorations are made for unique patients. For this reason, human intervention is required at each step of the manufacturing process.

Technology and know-how are one and the same in the skilled hands of the PREP TechTM, the personalized restoration “master craftsperson”. To be a PREP TechTM, one has to possess an extensive knowledge in technology and enjoy precision work. Indeed, the flawless finish of each restoration is literally in the PREP TechTM’s hands.

Precision Adjustment and Finish

PREP TechsTM who work in the finishing laboratories think in microns. By carefully touching the polished surfaces and examining each component under the microscope, PREP TechsTM are able to detect the slightest defect. Their mission is to notice any imperfection that could impair the flawless quality of Bodycad’s restorations.

In the hands of PREP TechsTM, each restoration truly becomes a work of art.