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Personalized RestorationsTM

A Physician's Perspective

THE BODYCAD PROCESS: A Physician's Perspective

Bodycad helps orthopaedic surgeons, patients and other stakeholders achieve their common pursuit of perfection by developing personalized orthopaedic restorations.

Bodycad is pursuing two distinct product lines :

Bodycad Primary1 , which includes design and development for primary procedures such as unicompartmental knee, total knee, total hip, shoulder and other primary indications;

Bodycad OnCallTM , which includes personalized complex restorations for oncology, osteotomies, revisions and other challenging or unique cases.

Every Bodycad personalized orthopaedic restoration is developed to meet the anatomical needs of the patient and reestablish durable form and function, offering the possibility of a higher quality of life.