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One Size Can Never Fit All

It should go without saying, but every patient’s anatomy is unique. Anthropometric data confirms that anatomical measurements can vary significantly from one patient to another.

Off-the-shelf implants simply don’t address these unique features. Instead they are built on averages and compromises.

When the implant can’t adapt, the patient must. Patients who receive off-the-shelf implants may face a wide array of challenges :

  • Significant bone removal to accommodate the implant
  • Imprecise anatomical articulation
  • Reduced ambulatory function
  • Reduced range of motion and mobility

Until recently, the patient had no choice but to accept these compromises or live with a damaged joint. Today, Bodycad is developing a truly personalized experience which makes the pursuit of precisely fitted orthopaedic restorations possible.

In the current orthopaedic environment, we have limitations as it relates to reconstructing a patient’s diseased joint. These limitations lead to subtle/less than perfect reconstructions of the joint, which likely directly affects soft tissue balance and overall feel of the joint for the patient. This may result in lower patient satisfaction with the reconstruction.

-Dr. Brian Hamlin