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Personalized Restoration Evaluation ProcessTM

Bodycad’s proprietary Personalized Restoration Process makes true personalization possible. Surgeons can quickly and efficiently complete the Bodycad PREP (Personalized Restoration Evaluation ProcessTM) :

Scan to plan : Patient images are sent to Bodycad to enable our Bodycad PREP TechTM to perform precise measurements of anatomical features. The PREP TechTM uses anatomical references that are scientifically supported to optimize function. The measurements are entered using Bodycad’s Personalized RestorationTM Software to enable the creation of a personalized restoration solution.

Approve design : A three-dimensional rendering of the patient’s anatomy, along with the proposed solution, is sent to the surgeon for approval or revision. Once the solution is approved, Bodycad manufactures the restoration in its own facilities using the latest manufacturing processes and the use of high quality industry standard materials.

Restore : The approved restoration is shipped to the surgeon with a customized Bodycad Instrument and Implant Kit. While the restoration technique itself is straightforward and easy to learn, Bodycad offers comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure an optimal procedure.